TSA Hiring Process

In order to streamline the TSO hiring process, the TSA requires a minimum application to be made online in order to get invited to take the TSA Computer Based Test. Once you pass the CBT, a more extensive background package will be required.


TSO Hiring Process

The first step in the hiring process towards becoming a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) with the TSA is to pass the TSA CBT (Computer Based Test.) This test is described in more detail in other parts of this site.

After your initial application, you will quickly receive an email with instructions to the test center near you. It is a proctored test, meaning that someone is watching you at all times. There may be other students in the testing room. Do not speak with other test takers. Do NOT bring anything to the test room except the email you received with your testing ID on it. This includes water, food, pencil, paper, phones or other electronics. You may store all of your personal belongings in a locker.

You will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) where you agree not to disclose to others what he specific contents of the exam are.

The first part of the exam is the English Proficiency Test consisting of multiple-choice questions on basic reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

The X-ray Object Recognition test follows as described on this web site. Since you are only given a few seconds to answer these question, this portion goes by quickly, usually less than 20 minutes.

The entire test may take you up to 2.5 hours to complete.

You will receive your results very quickly via email, typically within 30 minutes. If you pass, you will receive a preliminary notice of acceptance. Even though they call this “a contingent offer,” don’t quit your job - you have a long way to go! You will then be instructed to the next steps of the process.

One of the first things the agency does is run a credit check on you. Red flags are delinquent debt in excess of $7,500 and any income tax irregularities. This takes about three days.

When you pass the credit check, you are then given 21 days to complete your Personal History Statement covering the last 10 years of your life, including educational background and work experience. This can take 5 hours to complete and typically requires some research on your part to locate your old personal information.

During this three-week period, you will receive an invitation to the Airport Assessment, or structured interview. This interview is a very important time to put your best foot forward. Dress is business attire - coat and tie, etc. You will sign another NDA agreeing not to disclose what questions are asked.

During the Airport Assessment, you will also take a Color Vision Test and have your fingerprints taken.

Assuming you pass the Airport Assessment, you will have a medical and drug screening. During this time, a full background check will be conducted using the material you submitted on your Personal History Statement.

Several weeks following your interview, you will receive notification of whether you are eligible to be hired or not. Your airport extends the final offer based upon their current manpower needs.

Sgt. Godoy’s TSA Test Prep includes tutorials on How to Survive the Background Investigation and how to shine at the Airport Assessment (interview) in addition to the great X-ray Object Recognition training and English Refresher Course.